Fight the Lion is true, attention grabbing, hook driven, rock music from the soul. Remember the excitement of your first rock concert?  Ever had a melody stuck in your head that you can't get rid of?  Combine both of these experiences and you get Fight the Lion. They bring excitement back into rock!  In the vain of bands like Van Halen, Stone Temple Pilots, Muse, Foo Fighters and Rise Against their music aims to bring a new flavor of rock to the table but still keep that same classic epic rock sound that we all know and love. It is music built for a big stage.  Fight the Lion has been at this for years, they have tons of experience on the road on big stages and small.  The name Fight the Lion was chosen to push a positive message of overcoming, facing your fears head on, and fighting through your obstacles.  Their music keeps your energy up, your fist in the air and your head pumping while the lyrics take you through life's highs and lows, struggles and victories with songs like "Fire It Up" meaning just that, get the blood flowing and the party started.  "A New Hope" inspires a rise in the conviction to overcome with lyrics of "the sun will rise over us and wash away all those yesterdays".  Jagermeister selected the song "Long Shot Kid" as the anthem of their promotional "Trike Video" which can be viewed on the video page. The members of Fight The Lion were raised on the raw rock music from the 80s and 90s which provides a solid foundation for their sound.  Add to that, melodic vocal harmonies, a thunderous rhythm section and a lead guitar that bleeds sounds and hooks from the soul and you get Fight the Lion, cutting edge rock music for the masses.  

Fight the Lion has had the good fortune of playing some huge shows,  like the Jager Music Tour with Buckcherry, HELLYEAH, All That Remains and The Damned Things. They recently played the Jagermeister Mobile Stage at Rockstar Energy UPROAR Festival at Jiffy Lube Live!!  Bands included Disturbed, Avenged Sevenfold, Stone Sour, Halestorm, Hellyeah, Airbourne, Hail The Villain, New Medicine and FIGHT THE LION!!! 


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"Fight the Lion's sound is cut for radio. Their grinding guitar licks, and dark minor-driven verses that swing into soaring choruses bring to mind the likes of Chevelle, Tool, Hoobastank, and other bands you might hear when flipping your dial to DC101 (or the late great HFS). The album leaves little doubt that lead singer Jake Mimikos and his crew are talented, and the production of this disc is far beyond what one would expect from a band at such an early stage in their career. The title track "When the Mighty Fall" is a notable piece in the project, evoking an early-nineties rock sound reminiscent of Soundgarden, and "A New Hope" drips with the syncopated guitar riffs connoisseurs of this genre drool over. For fans of the modern rock genre, this band is absolutely for you, buy the album, I promise you will love it." 


                                   –DM, OnTap Magazine


“The tunes on When the Mighty Fall should fit right in with that lineup. Fourth track “Fire It Up!” absolutely owns a “Rocky” anthem, get-on-your-feet-and-scream quality.The album eases into its ultimate electric-storm vibe with “A New Hope,” an A Perfect Circle-like track with a skulking verse and a burgeoning chorus that shows off Mimikos’s pipes and Battle’s hardcore harmonies. “Let This Die” follows, with more vocal gymnastics and a raucous and robust chorus.” 


                               - Mike Hume, Falls Church News-Press


“Just when I thought real rock music was dead, Fight The Lion infested my speakers. Very impressive arrangements and writing supported by aggressive drums. It’s one of the few CD’s that doesn’t leave my car. It’s perfect for driving or preparing for MMA training. Hey, Fight The Lion!” 


                     – Ed Norris, The Ed Norris Show 105.7 THE FAN


The band seems to be defining their sound on this CD. Tracks seem to bounce back and forth between uptempo rockers such as “Runaway Lover” and “The Drive” to slower, more emotionally charged songs such as “A New Hope” and “The Changing”. You can really feel the emotional attachment to the lyrics of the slower songs by Jake. The title track, “When The Mighty Fall” is a standout on the CD and sets the tone of the overall positive message that the band is conveying to the listener, focusing on the positive and overcoming negativity.” 


                                      –Johnny Price, “I LOVE MUSIC!!!!!!!”

Fight the Lion's diverse sound has been compared to Coheed & Cambria, Muse, Van Halen, Led Zeppelin, and Soundgarden. They are touring in support of "When the Mighty Fall" this summer. 



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